Historical Atlas of Oklahoma

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White men began to impose their culture upon that of the red men in what is now Oklahoma in 1541. Since that time there has been a constant procession of exploration and discovery, the development of frontier posts and forts, the removal of Indian peoples and the formation of "nations," the settlement of communities, the organization of territories, and finally the formation of the state. To understand these events, one must know where they happened, for much of the history of the state is concerned with places, and frequently geography influenced history.

This historical atlas presents specific aspects of the history of Oklahoma through a series of maps. Beginning with the location of Oklahoma within the United States, its landforms, rainfall, and rivers and lakes, the seventy maps cover important historical events, from Spanish claims in the United States in the sixteenth century to the locations of the incorporated communities of the state today.

Many maps show events for the state as a whole; others, details for a specific rea or happening. Since not all the places known to exist at a certain time can be shown on a specific map, the authors have selected those places having the greatest historical importance. On the page adjacent to each map is a brief account of the history or geography illustrated by that map.

"Historical Atlas of Oklahoma" will be a useful aid to the correct interpretation and better understanding of the history of Oklahoma and, to a certain degree, of the whole area of which it is a part. 
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